Commercial Locksmith Services

There is nothing that can be compared to a robust security system for your business. A robust security system and strong locks ensure that your business can continue operating without any threat and that you as a business owner can have peace of mind knowing fully well that your assets are well secured and fully protected. Here at ASAP Locksmith, we specialize in strengthening the security of commercial assets, paying extra attention to the needs of our customers, ensuring the safety of their property and ensuring the bolstering of the lifespan of their business.


Our security service and commercial locksmith provides superb security for your office, shop, warehouse, building, or storage facility. We have the capabilities to install or repair any type of commercial lock system, digital locks, access control systems, surveillance system, CCTV systems, fire and alarm systems, and more. We specialize both the repair and installation of locks and cylinders, high-security locks, master key systems, keyless access systems, and emergency access of safes.


ASAP Locksmith commercial access and control services offer the most sophisticated security systems for the office, warehouse, retail, storage facility, or building.

Our commercial access and control services include access control readers, doors, gates, and other devices that will offer the right solution to help supervise, regulate, and monitor access for employee and visitor management.
To further convince you of our capability and integrity, we are certified by different regulatory locksmith bodies in the US as a leader in Alarm Systems, Electronic Access Control, and all other parts of locks.


Our Commercial Access and Control Systems services include the following:

  • The latest technology for superior access control and management
  • Stopping unauthorized access
  • Control Zones to limit employee access to restricted areas
  • Traffic updates
  • Entry/exit time indicator for employee or departments
  • Manage the system yourself, or we can do it for you
  • Manage access information
  • Biometric access control, using identity commands based on an individual’s physical features.
  • Physical access control, using mobile vehicle barriers, gates, etc.

Our commercial surveillance / CCTV systems offer the highest level of protection for your office, warehouse, retail stores, storage facility, or building.

Our systems are perfect for tracking cash registers, office spaces, warehouses, parking lots, loading facilities, building and facility access, crowd management, and all other details pertaining to protecting your assets and business ventures.


Our surveillance / CCTV systems entail the following:

  • The most recent technology for better access and supervision of your CCTV system
  • High resolution
  • Weather friendly
  • Pan/Tilt feature
  • Night Vision
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Vandal repellant

Commercial Surveillance Systems

Commercial Security System Maintenance & Repair

You need to ensure maximum security systems are put in place to ensure your business operates smoothly without any issue of compromise.
Our dedicated technicians have been working with commercial maintenance systems over time and have worked on various kinds of business security, access control, and CCTV systems, allowing them to evaluate quickly any challenges and fix the systems of any kind.


Their expertise and knowledge also make it easy for them to upgrade your system security whenever it is necessary. We make use of approved industry standard procedures to service, install, analyze, repair and certify GSA vaults, safes and containers.
We can also change the safe locks easily from a dial-in setting to modern electronic configuration settings.

At ASAP Locksmith, we provide a wide range of excellent and affordable vaults and safes for your company. We treasure our long-term reputation that is centered around excellence and integrity in doing what we know how to do best.

We have developed over the years to be one of the first names to be referenced when it comes to building commercial vaults, safes, or repairs. We know what to do when it comes to opening blocked vaults and safes in case of forgotten passwords or total ignorance on how to open your safe or vault.

The safe and vaults are built with strong and powerful iron materials, and they tend to be very heavy. To unlock them most times, the service of a highly trained and capable technician is needed, and this is where our lock and vault experts come in.


We build vaults and safes for your commercial properties based on the shape and model of your space. A lot of commercial safes and vaults are situated in private areas for improved security. But times without number, these rooms are open to employees without any restriction. We understand that limiting access to your safe house or vault can help eliminate the risk of crime before it even starts.

We can also install access control systems that restrain passage to the safe or vault room to some set of trusted staffs and business partners. These particular set of people can only have access via a key card or biometric system.

Commercial Safes and Vaults

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