Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered several frequently asked questions below. If you don’t see a question you have below, give our team a call today!

Is it possible to use just one key to open all my locks?
Yes, it is possible to rekey all your locks and use just one key, as long as they all share the same keyway. To test this out; take the key that works in your main or front door and try to insert the key into the other locks you want to replace. If it enters easily and fully, those locks can probably work with the same key. Although there are some locks that are difficult to rekey, it is uncommon.
In the event that I lose my keys, is it compulsory that I replace all my locks?
You don’t have to worry yourself about this because we can easily access all of your locks in your commercial building, or home, and rekey them. This is cheaper than replacing the locks. Whenever you need to replace them, our service personnel will be on ground to assist you.
Which locks can you fix?
A wide range of locks can be repaired. Lock manufacturers generally design three categories of their products and grade them according to their durability and strength. Asides door locks, we can repair many other varieties of locks. If you have any question as regards your particular lock problem, reach us via email or phone.
I lost my key, or I can’t remember the combination of my safe, can you open it?
Yes. We have technicians who are skilled in the vault, safe, and safe deposit lock servicing. Whether you completely forgot your key combination or you lost it, our professional vault and safety personnel can quickly troubleshoot and solve the problem.
Do I need to connect a battery to my CCTV system for power backup?
We suggest that you get a battery backup for any of your security systems that depend on power. In the case of a power outage, the backup battery will help to keep the system up; preventing crime. However, please keep in mind that power will only last depending on your battery capacity. If you have any questions about the numerous features and the tools available, please email or call us.
What if I lose my vehicle keys?
Concerning lost vehicle keys, we are able to design new keys without the need of replacing the locks. We can generate new keys, remotes/program smart keys as well as maintaining an inventory for a good number of models and manufacturers.
Can ASAP Locksmith monitor my existing burglar alarm?
We are fully equipped to monitor and service the most existing alarm systems. However, there are several commercial applications which may be limited by proprietary equipment.

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