At ASAP Locksmith, we provide a wide range of services. We are committed to assisting you in anything that has to do with locks. Our locksmith services include residential locksmith, commercial locksmith, car locksmith, high-security locks, safe selection, repair, and unlock, as well as key duplication. We are here to serve you, on-call 24 hours! Call us now to attend to your pressing lock issues!

Residential Locksmith

At ASAP Locksmith, we understand that a strong lock helps to maintain the security and safety of your home – and by extension, your family and belongings. That is why our professionals work round-the-clock in order to ensure that all potential security defects in your home are fixed and tackled ASAP.

Commercial Locksmith

There is nothing that can be compared with a robust security system for business. Robust security and strong locks ensure that your business can continue operating without any threat and that you as a business owner can have peace of mind knowing fully well that your assets are well secured and fully protected.


It is always unpleasant and frustrating to have automotive lock issues. One can end up stranded on the road when you are in a haste to get somewhere important. Fortunately, the professionals at ASAP Locksmith are skilled in resolving automotive locksmith issues and relieving you.

High-Security Locks

We know how important the safety of your family and valuables are to you and we are here to offer our expertise and skills to make you feel secured and protected at all times. The wide range of access control products in our possession allows us to create the perfect solution that will suit your needs and budgets.

Safe Security Services

Our safe cracking services are executed experienced, highly skilled technicians who have been fully certified by the relevant government authorities. They have a vast amount of experience in unlocking high-security safes for banks, government, ATM owners, and many other residential and commercial clients.

Key Duplication Services

If you need to replace a damaged key or need a spare set, or you have lost your keys, our Key Locksmith service is committed to providing a convenient and fast way of solving your problem. We have been certified by GSA and other relevant government authorities to execute these tasks.

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