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Did you notice a booth that said CLEAR when you last went through airport security? Does your smartphone only need to sense your thumbprint or recognize your face to open it? These are just two examples of biometric security in your daily life. The Department of Homeland Security defines biometrics as a form of identification based on an individual’s unique physical traits. This means of identification is also present for accessing commercial buildings or personal information. From smartphones to airport security, here are the four common biometric security measures you will see in your life. 

Biometric Security Measure 1: Fingerprints 

The most common biometric measure of security you already see is fingerprint scanning. Even before current biometric technology, fingerprinting was used as a common form of identifying potential suspects in a crime before the rise of advanced DNA analytics. When it comes to protecting information or obtaining quick access, fingerprint identification is reliable, given its continued use today. Fingerprinting is considered reliable due to fingerprints being difficult to imitate. Some biometric systems require multiple fingerprint scans and not just a single fingerprint for additional authentication. 

fingerprint biometric security measure

Biometric Security Measure 2: Eyes

Eye scanning is another biometric security measure that is common for identification and access purposes. The iris is the part of the eye most often used for biometric measures. Aside from the iris, the retina and sclera are the other two parts of the eye that change the least over time. The fact that these three parts don’t often change makes the eyes another ideal candidate for biometric access. Usually, only one eye will be scanned, but some systems will scan both. Iris and retina scanning are the two most common eye-based biometric measures and can be found in obtaining general physical access to locations as well as in border and cybersecurity. For example, if you go through airport security and you want to get through faster with a service like CLEAR, eye-scanning will be one of the authentication steps. Retina scanning is also specifically used for financial security and banking

Biometric Security Measure 3: Facial Recognition 

From smartphone unlocking to airport security, facial recognition is another form of biometric security. This measure is considered less invasive and is considered effective when used as part of a two-factor or multi-factor authentication process. Despite being subject to many debates about government surveillance and privacy, technology experts from various fields still speculate that facial recognition will become more widely used in such areas as office management, retail services, and so many others. Even so, the most reliable systems will use facial recognition technology alongside other biometric measurements. 

Biometric Security Measure 4: Voice Recognition 

While not as widely implemented as fingerprint, eye, or facial recognition, voice recognition is still becoming increasingly prevalent. In business communications, voice recognition is used as an authentication process for employees working remotely. Some banks, insurance companies, and other services also utilize voice authentication when you place a call so that company can know for certain that you are who you say you are on the other end. Like facial recognition, voice recognition is also best used as part of a multi-step authentication process due to these systems by themselves sometimes misidentifying you based on the tone of voice or background noise. 

We Have Biometric System Expertise! 

In the brave new world of biometric security measures, your physical features are keys to many doors, both figurative and literal. You might be considering installing one or more of these biometric security measures for your business after reading all about them. Luckily, ASAP Locksmith New Orleans also works with biometrics in addition to traditional safety and security hardware. For any questions and concerns about installing biometric security devices, contact us today.