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If you drive a car, then there’s a good chance that you received laser key cutting services for your car keys. When car keys are laser cut it means that they were manufactured by a non-traditional key cutting machine. Laser key cutting is actually a very fascinating process that includes an interesting history. That is why today we are going to show you four fun facts about laser key cutting.

1. Laser Cut Car Keys Are Known By Two Other Names

Car keys produced by laser key cutting are typically known simply as laser cut car keys. However, these keys are also known by two other names. Those names are internal keys and sidewinder keys. Internal and sidewinder are descriptors that refer to the manner in which these keys are cut.

2. Laser Key Cutting Became A Trend In The 1990s

Laser cutting car keys emerged in 1990, notably appearing with the Lexus LS400. However, the initial production of a laser cut car key goes back to the 1970s, when the manner of its cut was the sole theft-deterring feature. 1990 is considered the official debut of laser key cutting because by then, the transponder chip became an integral part of this type of car key. The laser cutting combined with the transponder chip made laser cut car keys a popular option due to their being boasted as a way to reduce vehicle theft.

Initially, this type of key cut was an optional feature for those who operated cars from high-end brands. As time progressed though, they became more widely available for all kinds of cars. Today, these are one of the most commonly used types of car keys because of their difficulty to duplicate and microchipping.

3. Laser Cut Car Keys Look Different From Traditional Car Keys

It’s actually easier to recognize laser cut car keys than you think, as they do not physically resemble the image of a traditional car key you were picturing in your mind while reading this blog. While traditional car keys feature two grooves, laser cut car keys are made with one groove. When you look at a traditional car key, the groves are the cuts that appear on the sides of the key. A laser cut key’s groove, however, is only in the center of the key, not the sides. The advantage of a center groove for laser key cutting is that it allows the key to be turned in both directions when opening or starting a car, not just one.

4. Electromagnetic Signals Connect Laser Cut Keys To Your Car

Finally, laser key cutting as we know it today is noted for being especially effective due to its inclusion of a transponder chip. A transponder chip is a microchip installed in the key that sends electromagnetic signals to the corresponding vehicle. If the car picks up on those signals sent by the transponder, it will respond to the key’s commands. This creates another obstacle for potential car thieves who might attempt to produce a duplicate, only to find that the car is unresponsive to their duplicate.

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