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A functional ignition switch means your car can easily take you anywhere you need to go. But did you ever want to know how you can check on the state of your car’s ignition before it ceases to work properly? You always want to anticipate a problem and solve it before solving it is beyond your reach. Here is how you can tell that your ignition switch is in working order. 

1. You Can Easily Take Your Car Key In And Out Of The Ignition Switch 

If your car still uses a traditional car key that turns, look out for whether or not your key gets stuck in the ignition switch. When the key is not able to turn the ignition switch or the key is stuck, that means something is faulty. If you can easily turn your key, take it in and out of the switch, and face no issues getting an electrical key to power your car, it means your ignition switch is in working order. The moment you begin experiencing difficulties with inserting and removing your key or turning it, call a professional locksmith to inspect it as soon as possible. 

2. You Hear Your Car Starting 

Does your car produce a couple of thrums, then settle into a light humming sound after turning on the ignition? That is the sound of a car with a healthy ignition switch. Whatever sound your engine normally produces when starting your car is indicative of a car that’s ready to hit the road. But what if one day you start your car and you don’t hear that sound, or there are additional sounds you don’t usually hear accompanying the sound of your engine powering up? 

The absence of sound or addition of sounds when starting your engine means that either your ignition switch isn’t working properly or there’s a problem that isn’t limited to just your ignition switch. You will need to call a professional locksmith to investigate. Unless you or someone with you is experienced in vehicle diagnostics, do not try it yourself. 

3. Your Car Accessories Turn On With the Ignition Switch

You probably see your dashboard light up, your radio power up, and feel the breeze of your AC every time your car starts. If all these things are happening, it means your ignition switch and the rest of your vehicle are in working order. If one or more of these parts of your console aren’t powering up, it could be an issue with your ignition switch, lock cylinder, or various fuse and wiring issues. Before calling a locksmith, try powering your car off and on again to see if the same thing occurs. If any accessories continue not turning on, reach out to a locksmith. 

ignition switch lit up dashboard

4. Your Car Moves Easily In Drive 

Does your car easily move when in drive mode? If your answer to this question was yes, then there is no reason to worry about your ignition switch. It specifically means your ignition switch is connected to the fuel system. If your car suddenly begins to stall while in motion, it means the connection between your ignition and fuel is weak or disconnected. In this case, find a safe spot to pull over or turn on your hazards to try restarting. If restarting doesn’t make a difference, call for help and reach out to a locksmith about getting your ignition switch repaired or replaced. 

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Now that you know what a healthy ignition switch does, you will be more easily able to recognize when it’s not working. If you suspect your car has a faulty ignition switch or you would like a locksmith to check your car for any possible issues, our locksmiths are the best and most thorough in Louisiana. Contact us today to get back on the road as soon as possible.