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Yes, your house deserves the best locks. When you think about it, locks are your home’s first line of defense against intrusion, theft, burglary, and the likes. Why not then get the best locks? First, it keeps you and your home safe and secure, gives easy access to invited guests and family members, and of course, can add to the overall décor of your abode.

Good door locks range in quality, price, and the level of protection they give.

If you are ready to give your home a facelift for door locks, here are five door locks we can help you install in your home:


Arguably one of the most popular door lock types and are widely used in most homes. While they come with grading systems, deadbolts are some of the most secure door locks you can have. They are also easy to use as they do use spring-loaded mechanisms to work the bolt.

The two main types of deadbolts that exist are the single cylinder deadbolt and the double cylinder deadbolt. Many homeowners choose the single-cylinder locks, while some go for the double cylinder deadbolts for the added security guarantee.

There are also the vertical locks (also called the “jimmy-proof locks” for the extra security they provide, or “Segal locks,” after the company that first designed and manufactured them). It uses vertical bolts that extend through a set of rings to secure the door. The magic about them is that they can integrate with either single cylinders or double cylinders.

Door Knob Locks

You’ve probably seen this in most homes already. They are mostly used for interior purposes on doors leading to bedrooms and other areas in the home. Again, they do not offer much security benefit, which is why homeowners opt for indoor use alone.

The ease that comes with doorknobs allows for easy passage from room to room within the house.

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Mortise Locks

Mortise door locks are standard locks that offer moderate protection to the main doors in your home. Lockable from both ends, a night latch can be attached for added security. Usually, it comes already installed on most doors, but some homeowners also go all out to get them. You may wonder why but this is because the lockset comes with good strength that homeowners can count on.

Lever Locks

Another popular lockset, Lever locks are about the easiest to operate. Lever locks are also efficient and allow for swift entry and exit of rooms within the house. They are mostly used for the interior and have keyholes on either side.

Electronic and Smart Locks

Welcome to the digital space of locks. These are about the most secure of door locks, although they rely mainly on an internet connection and can be hacked.

While electronic locks and smart locks are usually grouped as one, the key difference is that smart locks need a set of instructions from an authorized device to be operated. For electronic locks, they don’t depend on wireless technology, they only need a connection to a power source to work.

So if you ever catch yourself wondering what kind of locks you need to put in your home, give us a call on this 504-290-1862, and we’ll gladly fix you up. Cheers!