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Sliding doors are a nice feature for your home. It’s easy for you to look out at any given time and admire your beautiful landscaping or watch your children play in the yard. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize what a big security risk sliding doors are. It’s so easy for a burglar to sneak into your backyard and case your home by looking through the glass. 

Step outside of your home and look through your door for a moment. Take note of everything you can see. What’s in view? Your brand-new standing mixer? Your 70-inch television? Your son’s expensive gaming system? An antique clock passed down from your great-great-grandmother? All of these things are tempting fare to a burglar. If you can see any items that someone would want to steal, then you have a problem. You’re opening your home for anyone to view your valuables. To make sure you’re not the victim of theft, it’s important you learn security tips for sliding doors

1. Get Coverings For Your Door

The first step in making your sliding door less tempting to a burglar is by covering it. You can do this in a variety of ways. Blinds are one good option, though they are not sturdy enough to deal with an onslaught from children or pets. Panels, shutters, and curtains are more sturdy options. If you still want to take advantage of natural light, you could use privacy film to prevent burglars from seeing in without making it dark in your house. 

2. Add a Special Lock 

Sliding glass doors don’t usually have strong locks. Burglars can jimmy your lock or lift your door off the track to gain access to your home. Investing in a special sliding glass door lock will stop a burglar from moving or manipulating your door’s mechanics. They attach to the top of your door frame and work alongside your existing door lock. Even if you live in a low-crime area, invest in one of these locks. Sliding glass doors are one of the most vulnerable areas of your home. 

A beautiful sliding door of a homeowner learning security tips for sliding doors

3. Reinforce the Glass

Burglars often use the smash and grab technique when vandalizing homes. They’ll break the glass, then get in and steal as much as they can before running off. That’s why sliding doors are so vulnerable to thieves—they’re 90% glass. Thankfully, there’s a way to make this material less vulnerable. Security film reinforces glass, making it harder to break. It’s often made of vinyl or polyester. Because burglars rely on speed, they won’t want to keep pounding on your glass to get inside. The harder it is for them to enter, the more likely they’ll leave. 

4. Buy a Security Bar 

Are you one of those individuals who use a block of wood, baseball bat, or broomstick in the track of your sliding glass door? If you are, we have news for you. A determined burglar can move your door enough to make the item in the track move or slide the door over said “security features.” You’ll need a real security bar to keep burglars out. More reliable security bars fit in the middle of your door rather than at the bottom, and they screw in on one end, making them sturdier. 

5. Invest in a Security System 

No security measures are full-proof. While the above-mentioned tips should go a long way toward protecting your home from burglary, it’s still important to invest in a security system in case all else fails. Electronic sensors attach to your door and sound an alarm when they’re opened, while cameras help deter burglaries simply by making burglars wary of detection. Combined, all five security measures mentioned in this blog should keep your home safe. 

We’ll Keep Your Sliding Glass Doors Safe! 

The thought of a criminal prowling around your home can be unsettling and discouraging. Thankfully, there are ways to keep your property and your family safe. One of the best ways to do that is by calling a professional locksmith to inspect your home for vulnerabilities and install the proper safety measures. The reliable professionals at ASAP Locksmith are happy to perform these services for you. Give us a call today and take the next step toward keeping your home safe!