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Key duplication may be something you have gotten done before at Walmart or The Home Depot but did you know that you can get your keys duplicated with a locksmith company? Having your keys duplicated with a locksmith company can be a more affordable and effective option than going to Walmart or The Home Depot again. While it may seem convenient to duplicate your keys at those kiosks, as they age they often become less effective. This means that they can produce less accurate copies, which can lead to your key having troubles working smoothly.

If you’ve never used a locksmith company for your key duplication you may have a few questions such as, “What types of keys can I have duplicated?” “What if I don’t have the original key?” These questions are valuable to acknowledge, so we hope you’ll enjoy our informational blog about key duplication.

What Keys Can Be Duplicated?

Deadbolt Keys

Deadbolt lock

Deadbolts are the top lock on a front door. They can come in single or double-cylinder models, as well as lockable thumb turn locks. Regardless of the style of deadbolt lock you may have, rest assured that here at ASAP Locksmith, we can create key duplications for you!

House Keys

House keys can range from anywhere in your house you may have a lock. For some, a house key would only be the front door key. However, others may refer to their house key to unlock a back door or even a room within their house. However you may define a house key, we can duplicate it.

Padlock Keys

Padlock Key

Padlock keys open a lock you might remember using on a locker in school. Typically, when you purchase a padlock, you can expect to receive two keys that unlock said lock. However, even with two keys, it may be hard to keep track of them. You cannot duplicate these keys at Walmart or The Home Depot either, so a locksmith company like ASAP Locksmith would be able to assist you in your time of need.

Safe Keys

Safe keys should not be something you need to worry about. That’s why we provide services to duplicate your keys for your safe. Due to safe keys all being vastly different, some may take longer than others. But rest assured, your safe key can be duplicated!

Car Keys

Car Key

Car keys are different across brands and models. The age of a vehicle also affects what kind of key it has. Older cars may have a laser-cut key, whereas new models could have electronic transponders. Both types of keys are possible for a locksmith to duplicate. You shouldn’t worry if your car’s key can be duplicated because here at ASAP Locksmith, we can duplicate any key for you!

“Do Not Duplicate” Keys

“Do not duplicate” keys can lead to confusing, frustrating, and even stressful emotions, especially if you feel you could lose your key. However, these keys can still be duplicated. Stamping this phrase on a key does not mean it is legally binding and can give a false sense of security to those who receive these keys. So if you want to feel more secure with an additional key, you can duplicate these keys.

Challenging Keys to Duplicate 

Like most things, there are some keys that come with additional challenges. Some keys are difficult or even impossible to duplicate. Let’s go over those types.

Laser-Cut Keys

Laser Cut Key

Laser-cut keys can be most commonly seen within car keys, more specifically Volkswagen car keys. These car keys can give a rather distinctive look as they do not have the same shape, feel, or look as the average car key. The main difference between this type of key and a regular key is that a laser-cut key is cut down the middle instead of the sides. In a Volkswagen car key, this adds an additional level of security. The reason it is harder to duplicate laser-cut keys is due to these keys having transponders within them. These transponders are specifically designed for one vehicle only, meaning that without that transponder, it is not possible to unlock or start your car.

Four-Sided Keys

A four-sided key can be of similar shape as a two-sided key, and most of these keys are used within a residential area. The main difference between a two-sided key and a four-sided key is that a four-sided key has four sets of teeth. The four sets of teeth that this key possesses can increase the level of security within your home. Nevertheless, these keys are unique as they are made for one particular lock. All-in-all, this makes this key a bit more challenging to duplicate.

Tubular Keys

Tubular Key

Tubular keys are, as you might expect, shaped like a tube. There is a circular hole in the middle with metal surrounding it. The reason this type of key is challenging to duplicate is due to the lock and key working with deadbolts. The notch must fit perfectly into the deadbolt, making it harder to duplicate.

What If I Don’t Have The Original Key?

 Sometimes, you may have lost a key without having a spare. This creates a stressful situation to be in, and that’s why we make sure to provide a service where you can get a duplicate of your key even if you no longer have it! This process is called key cutting. What happens with key cutting is we take a lock in order to make the key you’re missing. While this service can be a little more expensive, it saves you the stressful time of wondering what to do without a specific key.

Use Our Team’s Help for your Key Duplication

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