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Key duplication is one of the most important services offered by locksmiths. You can use this service if you need a backup copy of a key or if you need a new copy after misplacing the original. For a long time, this process was completed manually by copying the original template onto a blank. However, advancements in key duplication technology over the years have made this process more precise and efficient. To learn more about the major advancements in key duplication technology, keep reading this blog. 

6 Advancements in Key Duplication Technology 

Locksmiths have a much easier time duplicating keys thanks to six particularly notable advancements in key duplication technology. Take a closer look at what each form of new locksmithing technology entails: 

1. Laser Key Cutting

Of the five advancements in key duplication technology described in this blog, laser key cutting is most commonly used by many locksmith services. A machine is used to trace the shape of the original key, so another tracer can use laser technology to cut a duplicate out of a blank key. This particular method of key cutting debuted in the 1990s and was initially limited to luxury car keys but became widespread over time. 

advancements in key duplication technology laser

2. Transponder Key Cutting

Transponder key cutting made its debut roughly at the same time as laser key cutting technology. This advancement is specific to transponder car keys. Making duplicates of this key requires specialized training and skills, especially if the key has a chip. If there’s a chip, additional programming is required. 

3. Key Duplication Kiosks

The process of obtaining a duplicate key is easier than ever, thanks to the rise of key duplication kiosks. Of all the advancements in key duplication technology, this one is the most accessible. All you need to do is send a picture of your key to a specific software or kiosk service, then go to the kiosk to retrieve the copy. However, using a key duplication kiosk can be risky, so you might be better off relying on a professional service. 

4. Car Key Fob Cloning 

If your car uses a key fob, it’s possible to also have it copied or cloned. The first way of cloning a car key fob involves using a kiosk, while the second utilizes an RFID copier. This device is easy to purchase, and all you have to do is hold the existing key to the copier, press “read” and wait for a beep before holding the new fob up to the copier and pressing “write.”  Now you officially have a new car key fob. 

advancements in key duplication technology fob cloning

5. Computerized Key Duplication

Computerized key duplication is also utilized by locksmiths. This advanced key duplication process involves using software to make a digital replica of the key. The replica is then used to produce a physical copy on a blank key. This process is quick and time-saving. What makes this technology even better is that you can save your key’s digital replica if you ever need to make another copy in the future. 

6. 3D Printing Duplicate Keys

One of the most radical advancements in key duplication technology involves using 3D printing to duplicate keys. As the name suggests, all you need to do is obtain access to a 3D printer to scan and produce copies of your keys. 

Our Louisiana Locksmith Team Uses The Latest And Greatest Key Duplication Technology!

These six advancements in key duplication technology have surely brought this locksmithing service into the modern age. Manual key cutting is finally a thing of the past, thanks to these incredible innovations. If you find yourself needing new keys, you can trust our Louisiana Locksmith team to use the latest and greatest key duplication technology to make one for you, so contact us today.