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Best Commercial Safes

Safes, there is a reason why we have them in our homes and offices. Whether you need to cater to your security concerns or there is sensitive information you need to protect, the big question is, which safe can we trust to keep us secure? With the level of technology and engineering that has gone into the manufacture and installation of safes and vaults, it makes sense to ask this question.

Where optimal reliability and effectiveness are the needs, we can recommend some of the best commercials safes to install in your office or businesses. You best bet, these hard nuts, whether high-volume or fire-resistant, will keep your documents, cash, firearms, pieces of jewelry, and other valuables safe.

1. B-Rated Safes

Big, solid, sturdy or impenetrable, these are among the most popular safes you’ll find in the market. They are usually less than 1/2″ thick and come with a locking device. B-Rated safes are not fireproof although they have fire ratings that check to see if safes can withstand varying furnace heat over a given period.

2. Combination Lock Safes

If the intent is to protect your valuables against combinations of mechanical, electrical, and cutting tools, this would be your best bet.

They come in many shapes and sizes, all designed to meet your security needs. Also, since they do not require any batteries, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to pick up batteries to access your safe. All you need is to spin the dial and you’re in.

3. Deposit Safes

Some guys call it Depository Safes or Drop-in Safes, but they are generally the same thing. They have a variety of burglary and fire ratings and have a slot for people with no direct access to the safe.

Deposit safes offer simple and secure depositing of daily cash receipts or money for petrol stations, fast food joints, and convenience stores. They are most useful where more than one person deposits values. There is also a security anti-fishing device that prevents the removal of a deposited bag. Only the manager of the safe can take out deposited bags.

4. Under-Counter Safes

Whether you run a retail business, a convenience store or a restaurant, an under-counter safe comes in handy whenever you need to deposit large bills at the point of sale.

These are usually heavy-gauge constructed, compact-sized and easily mounted under the counter of a point of sale area for quick money deposits. It usually comes with an anti-fishing slot that stops you from “fishing” the money back out once you deposit it in the safe. There! You are prevented from having unwanted access to your money. They’re just perfect for holding daily deposits until you can retrieve them and put them into a more secure safe or deposit in a bank.

5. Electronic Safes

Digital or electronic safes are a smart solution for storing cash, jewelry, firearms, and other valuables. Usually, electronic safes come with a keypad for keying in the right code. If too many wrong numbers are entered, the keypad may automatically lock itself but there are options of dropbox, waterproofing, and even a backup hard-key should you ever forget your passcode. You can also give your code to others if you ever need them to access your valuables in your absence.

Electronic and digital safes are simply the future of property security and protection, and as technology advances, we are bound to see more sophisticated models.

Need to install any of these in your place of business? Be sure to call on our team of highly skilled technicians to set it up properly for you.