The slew of activities that locksmiths can perform is perhaps surprising to the everyday person. Locksmiths must be prepared for any situation thrown at them, whether it’s an emergency lockout situation or the need for new security systems. 

One of the most common calls locksmiths receive, next to emergency lockout situations, is key replacement and duplication situations. Many vehicle owners find themselves needing a new key fob after damaging their previous one or losing it entirely. However, many key fobs need to be programmed to work with the corresponding vehicle. But can a locksmith program a key fob? The short answer is yes! If you ever need to program a key fob, contact a locksmith for help.

Can a Locksmith Program a Key Fob?

A car locksmith, or auto locksmith, can provide anyone with a key replacement. They can also program a key fob once you’ve gotten a replacement so it works with your car. If you need to program a key fob, it is in your best interest to seek out a locksmith for help. 

Why Do You Need to Program a Key Fob?

Most if not all modern-day vehicles come with a transponder chip. This chip links to the corresponding car key and does not operate without the appropriate key fob. A key fob breakage can happen, and this means that your key fob is no longer connected to the car. Furthermore, if you lose your key fob or it becomes damaged, you will need a new one and the new fob need to be reprogrammed to work with your car. 

How Do You Program a Key Fob?

There are several choices you have when you need to program a key fob. You can either call your dealership, attempt it yourself, or ask a locksmith to do it. A dealership will likely overcharge you for this service, despite how uncomplicated it is. You could attempt to program it yourself, but someone with inexperience could fail to properly program the key fob. Lastly, you could contact a locksmith. Let’s go over each option. 

A key fob that the owner is going to bring to a locksmith after getting an answer to the question, "Can a locksmith program a key fob?"


Dealerships are likely to convince you they are the only service that can help you, regardless of the automotive service you require. Key fob programming is no different. Many car dealerships have a monopoly on key fob replacement. They can control access to diagnostic computers and the software needed to program and capture encrypted access codes. This could mean a locksmith may not be able to help, but it’s always worth it to contact one for a better price


If you want to attempt to program a key fob on your own, there are instructions you can follow in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. While these instructions may seem straightforward, it’s important to remember that a professional is always recommended for these situations. 

Here are the instructions to follow to program a key fob:

  1. Verify in your vehicle’s owner’s manual if you can program your car remote or key fob on your own. This can be checked in a section named “Keyless Entry” or “Key Fob.” The car key programming instructions may be printed on that page. 
  2. If you do not have the owner’s manual or can’t find instructions, you can contact the service center of your local car dealership and ask if your key fob is self-programmable. If yes, you can request them to send you the instructions via email or fax. You can also pick them up at the local car dealership. 
  3. If you can program the key fob yourself, have patience and follow the instructions. 


There is no better option than a locksmith. Whether you have purchased your key fob from the locksmith or someone else, you can have a technician arrive at your car’s location and handle the programming on-site. This makes a locksmith extremely convenient because a locksmith can come to you. 

With a locksmith, you are likely to pay less overall than what a dealership would charge. Similar to the dealership, key fob programming only works if you acquired the key replacement from the locksmith. A locksmith can program the fob if the device is working, but they cannot give assurances as to the functionality. 

Professional Key Fob Programming

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