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Are you a perfectionist that needs every detail to be up to your standards? Or are you an aesthetic lover that enjoys how contrasting colors can complement each other? Well, whichever you are, you might be interested in your door hardware colors. Although this is a minute aspect of your home that many may overlook, some might actually like how your hardware colors add to your door’s overall appearance.

Well, in this blog, we will go over various door hardware colors and materials so you can find what best matches your style. Discover if you seek a more modern appeal or simply want to add a splash of personality to your door below.

What is Door Hardware?

Door hardware, also known as door furniture, are the items attached to your door. The doorknob and door hinge are essential items that allow your door to function properly. With these, your door can swing open and closed and even keep your home secure. Door hardware also adds a certain uniqueness to your door and your home itself. This uniqueness derives from its material and the color that pops out.

The Best Materials

The material of your door’s hardware plays as much of a pivotal role as your door hardware colors, if not more. When choosing the material for your door hardware, it is necessary to consider all the factors. There are many options out there, both high-quality and low-quality, so it’s best to seek the finest materials out there.

Materials such as bronze and aluminum are corrosion-free and will ensure longevity. You can expect these materials to sustain the appearance of your door hardware for years to come. So don’t rely on cheap quality materials susceptible to damage. These will only lead to you spending an arm and a leg. Instead, check out the high-quality materials below to see which is best for you.


Brass is made from an alloy of copper and zinc, making it one of the highest-quality materials for your door hardware. If you’re looking for a more classical yet modern appearance for your door, brass material will be perfect for you. Furthermore, because brass is inherently anti-microbial, it will stop the spread of microorganisms. It is also easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about dirty door handles.


Aluminum is an eco-friendly and durable material that can come in a variety of colors for your door. This material has been used for many things over the years thanks to being one of the lightest and most flexible metals in the world. But you will find this to be a phenomenal option for your door hardware.

Stainless Steel

If you’ve ever dealt with rusted door handles and hinges, then you can rely on stainless steel so you can never experience that again. Stainless steel door hardware is used for public buildings like schools, hospitals, and more because of its easy care and lack of blemishes. For any dirt, all you need is a cloth to easily clean it away.

Popular Colors To Consider

Now that you know the best materials for your door hardware, it’s time to pick out the color. If you’re unsure what color you want to add to your door, here are some of the most popular door hardware colors for you to consider.


Black is a simple yet noticeably unique color of choice for your door hardware. Something about a black doorknob is aesthetically pleasing, especially when it juxtaposes well with your door. This is a very fashionable color to pick, but there are other more traditional options to consider if this doesn’t fit your style.


You can never go wrong with a classic, and that is exactly what a brown door hardware design is. This color gives off a welcoming and home-like appearance, which will nicely add to your home’s aesthetics, whether you choose light brown or dark brown.


If you have a minimalistic door design, then the stylish and modern silver hardware color will match nicely with it. Silver has a smooth look that draws attention with the bright shine it adds to your doors. This will surely stand out and could be the color for you.

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Something as simple as choosing your door’s hardware surprisingly takes a lot of thought. You have to consider the door hardware colors that best fit your vision and the materials needed for longevity. Thankfully, you have all the help you need here to add some personality to your home.

Once you’ve made your final decision, give the good team here at Lousiana Locksmith a call to help with the installation process. Check out our many locksmith services to see what else we have to offer; you won’t be disappointed.