Are you confused about what to do when your door handle gets broken? There are two ways about it, it’s either you go DIY or you opt for the services of a repairer.

Before you fix a door handle, you have to know what kind of door handle it is. When you know the type of door handle it is, it’s easier to understand how the mechanism works. You also have to know what is wrong with it, so you will know how to go about servicing it.

Effective Ways to Fix A Door Handle 

1. Remove the Knob or Handle 

In a situation where an exposed screw is being used, you will have to identify the set screw which is normally found on the inside of the door. You can use either a set screw or Allen key to loosen the set screw and remove the handle which will uncover the shaft. If the shaft is threaded, you have to twist the shaft’s handle to make it flush with the door. Then you provide a little space so that the knob can spin correctly. Lastly, you tighten the set screw. If it’s for unthreaded shaft, all you have to do is to set the knob or handle back on the shaft before you tighten the set screw. 

2. Find the Screws and Tighten

For hidden screws, to see the hidden screws, you have to determine where access detent access hole is located at the knob. The detent is a pin that is spring-activated and sticks out of the little hole in the knob which prevents it from rotating. When the pin is located, you use a flat head screwdriver, press down on the pin and remove the handle from the spindle shaft. 

3. Remove the Base  

After separating the door handle from the shaft, you remove the base. Carefully twist the ring slowly making use of a flat head screwdriver and avoid damaging the backing plate since it could destroy the whole lockset.

4. Find the Screws and Tighten

After going through the process of removing the rings, it should be easier for you to see the set of screws. From the inside backing plate, they run through the door into the outside backing plate which holds the assembly together. Holding the outside backing plate to keep it from moving, tighten each screw separately.

5. Restore the Base and Put the Handle Back On  

Fix the ring back on the backing plate. Just put the handle back over the spindle shaft, turn the handles to line the holes up with the detent and then click it into place. 

After following these steps, if you find out that the door handles still don’t work properly, call on ASAP Locksmith for professional lock repair services. 

Common Door Handle Types

Inasmuch as it is important to know how to fix your door lock, it is more important to know the type of door handle. If you don’t understand the type of handle and its mechanism, then fixing it will prove to be a difficult task. The types of door handles include 

1. Keyed Door Handle 

This type of door handle can be found on exterior entry doorways. If the door leads outside, then there are chances that it has a keyed cylinder which will add more security to the building. If the knob has a hole, then it’s keyed.

2. Privacy Door Handle 

This type does not have a keyway, they are used mainly on interior doorways. They also come with actuators on the side of the door that leads to the room where privacy is needed. Before you fix door handles like this, you don’t have to worry about issues with the locking mechanism breaking down. 

3. Simple Turn Handle 

This door handle does not deliver either privacy or security. They are only made because a door handle is needed to access the room. Handles like this should not be fixed to doors with tough screws. Often the rose plate around the base of the handle, or even the handle itself, will be threaded. This threading allows the knob to be tightened securely without requiring a screw. 

4. Concealed Fastener Door Handle

A door handle with a concealed fastener makes whoever is working on it to remove part of the assembly before having full access to the part of the handle which is keeping full assembly of the door.

Door handles are not hard to fix, you simply have to understand them and how they work, as well as what type it is. In a case where you can’t fix it yourself, you can call experts to do it for you. ASAP Locksmith handles all your locksmith problems in New Orleans and surrounding areas.

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