Capturing a burglar might seem a bit difficult in a dark room. Thieves prefer darkness because it gives them an opportunity to steal as much as possible without being seen. So here are some tips to get rid of them even in a dark room. 

Call the Police 

If thieves enter your house when everywhere is dark, do not make a sound. Try to get hold of your phone as fast as possible and call 911 for help. Talk in a low tune so that you won’t be heard.

Try to Attack Them 

It is advisable to try attacking them, especially if you notice they are unharmed. Fight them and try to overpower them after alerting the police. Sometimes these hoodlums can be easy to overpower because they are petty thieves and don’t want confrontation.

Be Less Hospitable

Dark perimeters and nicely paved driveways attract burglars to take a closer look at your home. Outside lighting is very important and listed as one of the best deterrents for keeping thieves away. Look into floodlights that are triggered by motion. Nothing turns a criminal off more than being in the spotlight. In addition, a gravel driveway or pathway is another way to make burglars think twice. Since you can hear their footsteps, it might be enough to make them feel like your house isn’t worth the risk.

Raise Alarm 

Before the burglars enter your house, you should have seen them. Since it’s a dark room you can try to hide yourself in a safe place in your house. It’s your house so you should know every nook and cranny of it. From where you are hiding, you can raise the alarm and beckon to your neighbors to come for help. If you stay alone in the compound, find a way of raising alarm so that passersby can hear you.

Take Note of Their Faces 

In some cases, allow them to steal what they want, but make sure they don’t hurt you. In the process, take note of their faces and try to make sure you will recognize them in any other place. Then report to the police so that proper action will be taken and they can be persecuted.

Lock the House 

Even though locking your house up tight seems very easy, there are many ways your home can remain vulnerable even if you think you’ve done all you can. A locked door can be useless as far as you leave a spare key in an easily accessible location like under a flower pot or doormat. It’s much safer to leave the spare key with a friend or neighbor. And don’t forget to lock the windows. If you leave the windows open, even a crack can be an open invitation to a burglar. For added security, make sure all windows are locked and add a wooden or metal dowel to the track to stop a bad guy from pushing their way in. It is better for it to be secure than allowing burglars to enter, as prevention is better than cure in this case.

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It is not always easy to get rid of thieves especially if the room is dark. So be sure to try every recommended method or better still you prevent it from happening in the first place.