Whether you keep important documents or precious family heirlooms in your safe, it’s always good to know when it works in case you ever need to remove something from it. However, what if you need some important information that’s kept in your safe, only to be met with the worst-case scenario? Either your key isn’t working or has gone missing, or you have forgotten the combination and can’t seem to figure out what it is.

Now how will you ever get ahold of the item you need sitting in that safe? Luckily, knowing how to open a safe without a key and combination will prepare you for this situation. Check out four ways you can learn how to open a safe without a key and combination in this blog.


The Magnet Method

The first way to go about learning how to open a safe without a key and combination is by using the magnet method. Keep in mind that this method doesn’t involve finding any magnet to open your safe. Experts recommend using a rare earth or neodymium magnet for this, so be sure you have one in your possession.

Due to the strength of rare earth magnets, you’ll need at least one other person to help you complete this job. You’ll also need a gym sock large enough to hold the magnet. Here are the steps required from the magnet method.

how to open a safe without a key and combination magnet method

1. Make Your Safe-Busting Device

All you need to do for this step is put the rare earth magnet inside the gym sock. That way, you’ll already have your homemade safe-busting tool.

2. Locate The Solenoid

The solenoid is part of the front door of your safe that you’ll rest your safe-busting tool on to access the locking mechanism. The gym sock will ensure you stay safe and keep the magnet from sticking too easily to the safe.

3. Open The Safe

Now, with the help of another person, carefully move the safe-busting tool in a way that will cause the locking mechanism to release. From there, you can very carefully open the safe and retrieve what you need from it.


The Nail File Or Paperclip Methods

If you aren’t so keen on using a magnet to open your safe, an even more user-friendly approach for how to open a safe without a key and combination is the nail file method. The nail file works as a lockpick in that you put it into the keyhole and jimmy it around until you hear a click to indicate that you can open the safe. The paperclip method works similarly to the nail file method, except you’ll need two paperclips and ensure that they’re bent to resemble lockpicking tools.


Drill Open The Safe

If time is of the essence and you have no reservations about using heavy machinery or about getting a new safe, drilling it open is another way to open a safe without a key and combination. You’ll need a nine-inch drill bit and a borescope so you can see the locking mechanism. You’ll need a long screwdriver if you plan to drill open the safe from the back.

If you intend to open your safe from the side, use a long punch rod instead. All you’ll do is drill a hole through the safe’s back or side, then use the borescope to find the internal bolt. Then, you’ll use either the rod or the screwdriver to move the bolt, opening the safe from the inside.


Call ASAP Locksmith And Leave It To The Professionals

Knowing how to open a safe without a key and combination might be a job you feel more comfortable leaving in professional hands. Hiring a professional locksmith will save time and money trying to pry your safe open and reduce the chances of needing to replace the safe. Contact us at ASAP Locksmith today for a nice, clean, safe-busting job.