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French doors have proven to be one of the weakest security points in the house because two individual doors meet in the middle. When they are not properly locked or the installation locks have not been modified, they can be swung open by anyone even when the deadbolt and door lever are locked. The good news is that there are ways you could secure your French doors and improve the security around you. 

Some ways to secure your French doors include;

1. Get Impact-Resistant Glass 

When you are buying new doors, get them with impact-resistant glass. We get this type of glass because it is required in hurricane-prone areas, and this is because it has the ability to withstand a tremendous amount of force without breaking. That particular force is unusual and it proves to be effective against burglars. Note that impact-resistant glasses are not tempered glasses as they are different. Tempered glass is a bit stronger than ordinary glass, but it can be easily broken too.

2. Use A High-Quality Mortise Lock 

The mortise lock is a type of deadbolt lock. But in this case, instead of it being inserted into the hole bored, the mortise lock is a complete metal housing that is installed through a pocket in the edge of the door. Since the entire lock mechanism is protected by the metal housing, mortise locks are harder to breach compared to standard deadbolts.

3. Install a Double Cylinder Deadbolt 

A standard deadbolt requires only a key on the outside. The inside is known to have a thumb turn that operates the lock. So, if you have a French door that doesn’t have impact-resistant glass, the door can be easily broken by anyone, and they can get in and unlock the door. If you use a double cylinder deadbolt which requires keys on both sides so they prevent one from breaking in easily. You, however, have to be careful if this is the only way out of your house. A double-cylinder deadbolt can be dangerous. In an emergency, such as a fire, where you need to get out quickly, you may not have time to locate the key. In this case, double cylinders are better secondary locks that are only used when you leave the house.

4. Use a three-point locking system 

This type of lock is very necessary for a French door. This is because the bolt of the lock doesn’t extend into the solid door frame, it extends into another door, and that door is not as strong as the door frame. The three-point locking system includes metal rods that extend from the door up into the top of the door frame and down into the floor. These rods, combined with the deadbolt, make the door stronger than when it’s simply a deadbolt.

5. Install security hinges 

This is very important for doors that open outward because the hinges make them accessible from the outside. You have to secure the hinges no matter how strong your locks and bolts are. Set screw hinges, stud hinges and hinges with non removable pins are all effective security hinge options.

Having seen the ways you can secure your French doors, you can enjoy your doors without the fear of burglars barging into your house. Most homes in New Orleans are beginning to learn ways of securing their French doors. And the good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice the appearance in the process. You can make them stylish while still achieving security.

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