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Securing your windows is a must in every home unless you want invaders in your house. Statistics show that 30% of burglars enter a house through a window or door not locked properly. One of the best things you can do to keep them away is to secure your window properly and deny them entrance. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to keep burglars at arm’s length. Here are some inexpensive and effective ways of securing the window.

Keep Your Windows Locked 

Always remember to lock your windows, most people forget to do so, but it’s important to always remember. Don’t also forget to use security latches or dowels to reinforce your windows. Even if you have an opening sliding glass window, it is very necessary to install a rod on the track where the window slides. In order not to forget, you can put a note on your door to remind you to always lock your windows before you go out. You could also set notifications to remind you. After you lock your windows and doors, don’t leave the keys within easy reach of the doors, letterboxes, and windows.

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Using Tempered Glass 

It is advised to use tempered glass because they are four times stronger than the annealed glass and when they are used in windows, the window becomes secure. Tempered glass goes through repeated heating and cooling to enhance its strength. If it breaks, it will crumble instead of breaking into jagged pieces. It will be really hard for burglars to break in with this type of glass.

Use Security Bars and Grilles to Prevent House Window Break 

Using metal bars and grilles have proven to be very effective in securing your home exterior and interior windows from intruders. You can also buy security grids, bars or guards. And if you don’t want those metal or iron bars to ruin the aesthetics of your windows, you can opt for decorative window bars that are absolutely beautiful and can be customized to suit your home décor. Even if you don’t install anti-burglar windows for every window, it’s best to keep one window without bars for emergency use.

Put Motion Detector Lighting Anywhere 

Always put motion detector lighting anywhere. The motion detector lights are a proven crime deterrent and standard hard-wired models. If you are worried about power consumption, opt for the ones that run on solar power.

Install Security Cameras to Reinforce Your Windows Against Break-Ins 

One of the best ways to protect burglars from breaking in is by using security cameras. They have proven to be very effective in safeguarding your house windows, doors and garages against intruders. The position of the camera matters a lot, if you place it behind glass windows it may result in blurry images or inefficient motion detection. So it’s better to put the cameras outside the window or front porch to monitor those burglars. With this kind of security, the fear of being caught won’t allow intruders to break in. If budget is one of your concerns, you can go for the best CCTV camera brand at affordable prices.

Install Good-Quality Window Security Locks 

For you to increase your home security, you should use solid locks because they are necessary. In most cases, the original locks are not strong enough to secure your windows. Ensure the use of good secondary locks which are theft-proof and secure the windows of your apartment. Three popular types of locks include flip lock, sash lock, and keyed locks. Flip locks are easy to install and cheap. Sash locks fasten window sashes and prevent entrance into the home through an unsecured window. These sash locks can be used on double-hung, single-hung, and casement windows. Keyed locks are more solid and expensive, but you can keep the key nearby in case of an emergency.

Install Bright Floodlights to Prevent Burglars from Breaking into Your Windows 

Burglars prefer to be in dark places because they cannot be detected easily. Therefore, it is necessary to install bright floodlights or window security lights in your windows. A bright light is a sign that the house is occupied. It helps to prevent break-ins from burglars. It is also an effective way to ensure that there is top-notch security both in front and back doors. You should install a motion-sensed floodlight for you to get the signal whenever someone is approaching your house window.

Plant Thorny Bushes to Protect Home Windows from Burglars 

While in the course of securing your house, don’t forget to plant thorny bushes like roses and cacti under your first-floor windows to prevent invaders. The thorny bushes usually prevent burglars from intruding. You should also avoid planting tall and strong trees near your window because it will make it easier for the burglars. They can easily climb the trees to get into your house. It is very inexpensive and affordable, but it still does the job of securing your house. All you need to do is to place them strategically, and they will do the job.

Plexiglas or Polycarbonate Windows

If you’re willing to pay more, Plexiglas is impact-resistant and ten times stronger than regular glass. This type of glass is made out of acrylic, and while it is not real glass, this type would also discourage burglars. Additionally, polycarbonate windows are stronger than Plexiglas and can deter burglars. It wouldn’t be necessary to use these types of glass for all of your windows, but you could definitely be strategic in placements to lower the expense.

Get a Barking Dog 

Burglars hate attention. So, a trained dog that can scare away criminals when they attempt to break into your house is important. Most burglars have attested that dogs change their mind about breaking into a compound.

Burglars derive joy in seeing homes without much security. Follow these tips and try as much as possible to be very cautious and ensure that your windows are secured properly.