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Home lockouts are a common issue in the United States. In fact, up to 16,000 home lockouts occur every year. The causes behind lockouts vary. Sometimes, an owner simply loses the key to their property. Other times, keys get stolen by burglars and other property criminals. Once in a while, a smart lock malfunctions. Or perhaps a key breaks while in the act of unlocking a door. Finally, a lockout may occur because a door doesn’t have a keyhole to begin with, making it complicated to get back inside. (This is more common with interior doors, such as the ones in bedrooms and pantries.) If you have a door without a keyhole and you are locked out, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our guide on how to unlock a door without a keyhole. 

1. Use a Credit Card

Have you seen a movie where someone gets into a locked door with a credit card? You may have scoffed and decided that would never work in real life. Well, it can. It certainly won’t take mere seconds as it does in fictional films, but it is possible to use a credit card to unlock a door. To use a credit card to unlock a door, first, grip the door knob and hold it steady. Then push against the door until there is a nice, wide space between the door and the frame. 

Now, you are ready to insert your card. Insert it above the doorknob at a downward angle. This step is where you might run into a problem. Your door’s trim may block access to the part of the locking mechanism that you need to manipulate with your credit card. If that’s the case, then you’ll need to remove the trim. 

Once you find the part of your locking mechanism that extends into a hole in the door, then you need to press down on the angled end. You can then push on it until the locking mechanism slides out of the door jamb. From there, simply press on the door. You should be able to gain entrance now. 

A locked door owned by a homeowner who needs to know how to unlock a door without a keyhole

2. Remove the Doorknob

Sometimes, the credit card method may not work. Or perhaps you would rather not risk any of your cards breaking when you attempt to force the lock open. Whatever the case, you may need to resort to removing the doorknob to gain entrance. This is a simple way to get into your locked room, and it will be easy to replace your doorknob once you are done. To remove your doorknob, simply undo the screws on either side of it. Then pull the doorknob off. This will give you easy access to the locking mechanism, which you can then pull away from the door jamb manually. And voila, you’re in! 

3. Bypass the Pinhole

Even if there is not an exterior lock on your door, there may still be a small pinhole. This pinhole can grant you access to the inside of a lock. You’ll need something small like a paper clip to get inside of it. Use something long and thin, then move the tool around on both sides until you get access to the actuator. Soon, the door should unlock. This might not always work, but it is worth a try considering how simple a solution it is. 

We Know How to Unlock a Door Without a Keyhole

If none of the above methods work for you, you may need the help of an expert. Our team at ASAP Locksmith is here for you when DIY methods just aren’t cutting in. We can unlock a door without a keyhole as well as assist you with a wide variety of residential, commercial, and automotive services. Contact us today for assistance!