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Technology changes and improves so fast that sometimes it’s hard to keep up. In an age where we’re always inundated with information about the “latest and greatest,” it’s easy to start tuning everything out. Suddenly new technology doesn’t seem exciting. If anything, advances start to feel unnecessary. Why not just do things the way you’ve always done them? Didn’t people get along just fine without fancy gizmos and gadgets way back when? Well, while not all technology is worth the hype, some of it is, so our team at ASAP Locksmith encourages you to explore new options for protecting your household. New technological innovations can improve the safety and security of your property. One of those innovations is an intercom system.

What is an Intercom System? 

An intercom system is used for communication and monitoring. With an intercom system, you can talk to people inside and outside of your home, no matter your location. For instance, you may call your children down for dinner without leaving the kitchen. Or you can speak to an unexpected visitor at the door without opening it. Additionally, you may use video features to keep an eye on small children. 

Benefits of an Intercom System

There are many benefits to installing an intercom system in your home, and we can’t cover them all here. That’s how many there are! However, we will share the most important and compelling reasons to install an intercom system. 


Who doesn’t want more convenience in their life? The whole driving reason behind the technology is to make everyone’s lives easier. Intercoms provide a level of convenience unparalleled by other household gadgets. Wondering who’s at the door? Check your mobile phone and screen visitors before letting them enter. In the middle of a task? No problem. You can let people into your home with the touch of a button, then resume what you’re doing. That’s what we call convenient. 

A woman speaks into an intercom system.


There’s no such thing as too much safety. Unfortunately, we live in a world alongside people who may want to cause us harm. That’s a scary thought, but thankfully intercom systems help prevent dangerous situations from escalating or occurring in the first place. With an intercom system, you can chat with an unknown visitor and determine their intentions rather than opening the door, which may invite an attack. Then if you sense a threat, you have the chance to contact the police before an intruder gets in. 

However, intercoms aren’t only helpful during active emergencies. Intercom systems often act as a crime preventative. Intercom devices like smart doorbells often record activity on your property, and criminals are aware of this. The last thing they want is to get caught on camera, so they avoid houses with these features. If a potential intruder sees an intercom device attached to your home, he or she is much less likely to attempt breaking in. 


Intercom systems have so many uses. Not only can you use them to communicate within and without your house, but you can also connect them to other devices like your smartphone. That means you can blast your Spotify playlists in every room, turn off lights remotely, and even control smart appliances. 

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