Do you live in a grand old estate that’s been passed down and cared for for generations? Are you someone who appreciates antiques? Do you simply have a taste for all things vintage? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, you have probably encountered vintage and antique keys. 

These pieces of history might still be used to secure your home, a specific room, or even a chest of drawers. Maybe it was passed down to you, or you obtained it at an antique show. However they were obtained, you consider vintage and antique keys to be absolute treasures. Of course, if they’re deteriorating or you still use them, you might have contemplated whether key duplication for vintage and antique keys is possible. Luckily, you have the opportunity to find out by reading this blog. 

Key Duplication For Vintage And Antique Keys

While not a commonly sought-after locksmithing service, key duplication for vintage and antique keys is still possible. You just need to keep specific considerations in mind when seeking out this service: 

Know The Type Of Antique Key

The most important step you can take when contemplating key duplication for vintage and antique keys is to determine the type of key in your possession. According to experts, the three main varieties of vintage and antique keys are skeleton, bit, and barrel keys. Skeleton keys are heavy because they have a solid shaft and are the most common type of antique key. Bit keys are designed with unique patterns for specific locks, while barrel keys are lighter than skeleton keys due to having a hollow shaft. 

skeleton key duplication for vintage and antique keys

The Bow Shape Is Everything 

In case you’re unfamiliar with the terminology, a key bow is the feature at the end the user holds onto when turning it. Vintage and antique keys can have bows of many unique shapes and sizes, like a heart, crown, or elaborate geometric shape. The shape of the bow can easily add value to your key, so you want to take extra care of it and ensure its essence is thoroughly captured in the duplication process. 

Restoration Is Key

Speaking of key duplication for vintage and antique keys, locksmiths trained in handling them do not just treat them with a standard duplication process. The name of the game with these keys is restoration. In other words, the duplicate copy should be able to recreate the original look of the key while preserving its functionality. 

Multiple Factors Affect The Cost

The cost of key duplication for vintage and antique keys is determined by multiple factors. As explained earlier, shape and size are just two of them. The key’s age and material will also affect the cost as well as the extent of ornamental features. Consider these elements when requesting a quote to get your vintage or antique key duplicated and/or restored. 

Make Your Own Key Mold 

If you want, you can create your own mold of your vintage or antique key to bring to a locksmith. You can go with a DIY key molding approach by using blu-take, clay, a file, a sharpie, and the original key. You can also purchase a mold kit for the key with detailed instructions. Just remember to bring the final result to a locksmith who can produce a high-quality duplicate. 

Finding The Right Locksmith 

Finally, you need to find the right locksmith to create a state-of-the-art duplicate of your antique key.  You don’t want to walk into any locksmith, ask for a duplicate of your antique key, and find out that they can’t provide the service. That’s why you need to do research and ask different locksmiths near you ahead of time if they provide key duplication for vintage and antique keys. 

The Best Key Duplication Services in New Orleans

Whether you have a vintage key from the last fifty years or a simple key fob, knowing which key duplication services you can trust in New Orleans is critical. Luckily, Louisiana Locksmith is known for excellent locksmith services, including key duplication. Contact us today for a high-quality copy of your key.