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How do locksmiths make a key without the original? Well, it depends on the locksmith, available tools, and the type of lock they’re servicing. Not all locksmiths are skilled enough to make keys without the original, while others are masters at the craft.

There is no one way to make a key without the original. As we mentioned, a lot of it depends on the type of key and lock being worked on. ASAP Locksmith is happy to provide a comprehensive list of locksmith services so we can detail many of the potential methods a locksmith may use.

Methods of Making a Key Without the Original

There are three methods for making a door key without the original:

  1. Lock impression
  2. Disassemble the lock
  3. Cutting key to manufacturer’s code

When it comes to car keys, there are two methods a key can be cut without the original:

  1. Decoding the lock
  2. Cutting key from VIN info

Lock Impression

The method involves inserting a key blank into the lock and filing it down to the necessary measurements. They do this by what is called binding. They insert the key blank and turn the lock pins. This lets them know what areas of the key need filed.

Making a lock impression requires a skilled and experienced technician to be done right. This process can be lengthy as it requires trial and error. The first impression and file won’t be perfect, so they’ll likely have to try it a few times.

Lock Impression Tool

Disassemble the Lock

Some locks are too complicated to impress or cannot be impressed. In those cases, taking apart the lock and observing the insides will help the locksmith create a brand new key. With this technique, the locksmith essentially reverse engineers a new key for the lock.

We do not recommend this option often because disassembling the lock can create issues for it later, such as misaligned parts. However, a skilled and experienced locksmith should be able to complete the job without an issue.

Cutting Key to Manufacturer’s Code

Many leading key and lock manufacturers will add key codes to their locks. In applicable situations, a locksmith may be able to read the code from the lock or manual. The code will allow them to cut a new key according to the code.

Not all locksmiths are able to perform this as it requires a specific tool and the right type of key blank.

Decoding Car Lock

One of the ways a locksmith can gain access to your locked vehicle is by cutting a new key for the door using a decoder tool. Since most car doors can’t be picked because of the delicate wafers inside the lock, decoding the lock is the next best option.

The decoder tool will provide all the necessary information for the blank key they’ll make cuts on. From there, they can gain access to your vehicle and program the key, so it matches your receiver’s code.

Locksmith using a car lock decoder to make new car key without original

Cutting Key From VIN Info

Similar to a lock’s stamped code, a car VIN can provide the same information when it comes to car keys. The locksmith will look up the manufacturer’s key info before cutting a new key to their specifications.

Afterward, they can program the new key so it will turn the vehicle on. Unfortunately, this technique cannot be used on older vehicles or for vehicles that have had ignition replacements.

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