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Whether you’re learning the art of lock-picking or you’ve lost your combination code, cracking a Master Lock can prove to be challenging. Thankfully, in this blog, we can help you crack the code. There are other ways to unlock a Master Lock, like with an ASAP Locksmith expert or even by using a blowtorch, which is ill-advised. However, it will be beneficial to learn how to figure out a lost Master Lock combination.

How To Figure Out A Lost Master Lock Combination

A Master Lock has 64,000 possible combinations that will take you 180 hours to solve. Instead, crack the code with the following guide:

Before You Start: What Is Your Model?

You wouldn’t want to follow this blog step-by-step only to discover all your efforts were for nothing simply because you have a different model Master Lock. So before you start, check to see what model you have. If your serial number begins with 800 or 908, then this guide may not work for you. 

Step One: Clear Your Lock

The first thing you need to do when learning how to figure out a lost Master Lock combination is clear the lock. To start, make at least three full clockwise turns on your lock’s dial. When the dial reaches zero, stop turning.

Step Two: Apply Pressure On The Shackle

The handle of the padlock, known as the shackle, should now be pulled upward. Turn the dial in a clockwise direction while you do this. If the dial won’t turn past zero, release the shackle then turn the dial past a few digits and try again.

Step Three: Find The First Sticking Point

As you continue turning the dial clockwise while applying pressure on the shackle, the dial will come to a stop either on a number or between two numbers. If the latter were to happen, record the number to the half. Then, rotate the dial as much as possible in the opposite direction (counterclockwise). Once this stops, record the number.

These two numbers are the sticking point range. The middle point of the recorded numbers is the sticking point. For example, if the counterclockwise number is 6 and the clockwise number is 4, the sticking point will be 5. Or if it is 6.5 and 4.5, it will be 5.5.

Step Four: Find The Remaining Sticking Points

When you are just past the top number of your sticking range, release the shackle and turn the dial counterclockwise. Using the previous example, this number will be 7. Turn the dial counterclockwise and reapply that upward tension to the shackle until the dial jams once more. Record the number then do it clockwise.

You can locate the sticking point now that you have the sticking range (the midpoint number). Find the other ten sticking points by repeating this process. Make a list of each sticking range and sticking point to keep track of everything.

Step Five: Find The Combination’s Numbers

You can start cracking the code now that you know the sticking ranges and points.  Your list should have seven fractions; cross them out and focus on the five whole numbers. You’ll see that every number has the same final digit. However, there is one lone wolf which will be the third number in the combination.

Divide the number you have by 4 and find the remainder, which will always come out to either 0, 1, 2, or 3. This is the magic number to which you will add. Continue going around the dial by adding 4 to each result until you have ten numbers. Write down each of these numbers, one of which is the first number in the combination.

Take your magic number and subtract 2 to determine the second possible number in the combination. This will only not be the case if your magic number is 0 or 1, to which you will add 2.  Continue adding 4 to each number as you did before until you have your list.

The second number in the combination will be in this list. Now it’s time for some trial and error since you’ve narrowed down the 64,000 combinations in this list. To crack the code, try each combination with the third number you’ve discovered.

How To Figure Out A Lost Master Lock Combination

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ASAP Locksmith Can Assist You

No Master Lock will stand in your way now that you know how to figure out a lost master lock combination. But if you’d prefer to avoid going through this difficult process, ASAP Locksmith will. We have the experts you need to open any type of lock. If you require our services, give us a call, and you will experience firsthand how beneficial we can be.