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Key duplication is one of the hallmark services provided by locksmiths. This involves making a copy of a key with the help of a key-cutting machine. You might seek out this service to have a backup copy of your key in case it gets misplaced or if someone you trust needs a copy. In recent years, though, you may have noticed a rise in online key duplication services. 

At first glance, the existence of this service sounds like a more convenient alternative to calling a locksmith. After all, you just need to find a kiosk and get your key duplicated in 15 minutes. That being said, it’s important to ask yourself the question, “Are online key duplication services worth it?” To find the answer, keep reading this blog. 

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Are Online Key Duplication Services Worth It?: Security Concerns

The thing to consider when determining whether or not online key duplication services are worth it is security. Here are just a few of the security concerns posed by online key duplication services: 

Data Accessibility

Some key duplication kiosks make the process more efficient by allowing you to download an app so you can upload images and enter information about the key you wish to copy. Like all technology, these apps are vulnerable to hackers. If you save your data to your app, a hacker can easily use that information to duplicate their own copy of your key, allowing them to break into your property. 

Verification Process 

Speaking of hacking, the verification processes used by these online key duplication services are questionable at best and flimsy at worst. Some online services include terms and conditions that hold the user responsible for issues if the password isn’t strong enough. Additionally, these services require credit or debit card information as payment. They do not always ensure that it can be traced back to your name, so anyone with this information can use an online key duplication service. 

Law Enforcement Compliance 

A New York Times investigation of one of these online key duplication services found that the ability of these services to comply with law enforcement during criminal cases is also questionable. If a break-in happens due to the intruder being able to make a copy of your key and you previously used an online key duplication service, the company may not necessarily be quick to provide information to law enforcement. Not all of these companies have a procedure for handing over third-party data to law enforcement, while most security consultants and locksmiths tend to make cooperation simple. To make it easier to track down an intruder, trust a locksmith to have your interests at heart. 

Types Of Keys 

If you find yourself locked out and in need of a duplicate key to get inside your home, online key duplication services might not be able to copy your key. These services are limited in what kinds of keys they can duplicate, so you might be out of luck if a kiosk can’t duplicate your key. In this case, you are better off reaching out to an emergency locksmith. 

You Can Rely On Louisiana Locksmith For All Your Key Duplication Needs!

While the convenience and ease of a key duplication kiosk and app are appealing, the security concerns ultimately outweigh those perks. The best way to keep your property secure is to rely on a locksmith service to duplicate your keys. If you live in New Orleans, you don’t need to look very far for the best locksmith for the job. Our ASAP Louisiana Locksmith team is here to help you with all your lock, key, and security needs, so contact us today.