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People purchase safes to secure their valuables against theft, damage, and even fire. The problem is modern safe types come with a combination code to open them and many misplace the combination or forget it.

Leading them to seek the answer to how to open a safe if you forgot the combination.

Keep in mind that safes are built for a reason and a good safe will have security features to keep people out. However, there are several ways to get into a safe when you have forgotten the combination.

In this post, we discuss the different ways you can open a safe and provide you with a few tips for remembering your safe’s combination.

How to unlock a safe without the combination

To unlock a safe, you have a choice of doing it yourself or getting help from two different sources. Before you open your safe, you need to identify a few important details about your safe, such as:

  • Safe type such as a fire-resistant box safe or gun safe
  • The locking mechanism the safe has such as a dial or digital lock
  • The make or brand of the safe
  • The serial number of the safe you want to open

The next step to how to open a major safe without combination is to check if your safe type has an override key.

Override key: This is a separate key that usually comes with a digital lock safe that is available to help you open the safe if you have forgotten the combination code.

Read the user manual of your safe and see if there is any mention of an override key or any alternative way of gaining access to the safe without using the combination code.

Not all safe manufacturers offer an alternative method of accessing a safe through a keyway. This is because of the risk of an unauthorized person using it to open the safe by overriding the safety mechanism of the safe by picking or drilling the lock and steal the valuables inside.

Obtaining help from others

You have two options when it comes to obtaining help from others. These are:

1. Contacting the safe manufacturer

This option could take a long time for you to resolve your forgotten safe combination. When you contact the manufacturer, you will need to prove that you are the original owner of your safe.

If you have changed the combination since you purchased the safe, they may not be able to help you open it.

2. Contacting your local locksmith

Depending on the safe type that people own, they tend to ask any of the following questions:

  • Can a locksmith open a combination safe?
  • Can a locksmith open a gun safe?
  • Can a locksmith open a sentry safe?

The answer to all these questions is yes.Professional locksmiths have the best tools, proper training, and a variety of methods of unlocking different safe types. All the methods they choose to use to open the safe are methods that cause the least amount of damage. This ensures that once open, you can continue to use the safe and do not need to purchase a new one.

A locksmith not properly trained in opening a safe might use a drill to drill multiple holes in your safe and this may make the safe un-usable. For a specialized locksmith, drilling is the last resort when all other methods have failed.

So, when looking for a locksmith to help open your safe, you want to find one who is familiar with different safe types and is knowledgeable about your particular safe.

Once you find the right safe locksmith expert, you will need to supply them with information about your particular safe. Safe information such as the brand, model, and serial number if possible, allowing them to familiarize themselves with your safe.

It also allows them to reach out to their professional resources and sometimes they can get the override code, number, or key to unlock the safe. If they are unsuccessful, it gives them the opportunity to choose the correct tools they need for the task.

Tips for how to remember the combination of your safes

Tired of hearing the words, I forgot the combination to my safe come out of your own mouth? We have put together some tips you can try using to help you remember the combination to your safe.

Remembering numbers can be difficult for almost everyone, so many choose between writing the number down and memorizing the number.

1. Writing the number down

Use a notebook or planner to write the number down with a disguise. For example, disguise it as a date, value, and calculation or even as an appointment.

If you use a desk calendar, write the combination code down in the month and day of your anniversary, birthday, or any date that is special to you.

You can save the combination code as a contact number with a fake name on your phone. This is not a good idea if your phone is stolen or you lose your phone.

2. Memorizing the number

The best way to memorize a number is to either make up a rhyme with the numbers or convert them into letters and create a memorable short story with the letters.

Choose one of the solutions we have provided for you to solve your problem of how to open a safe if you forgot the combination. Once your safe is open, choose the best way for you to memorize the number so you never have to worry about forgetting the combination to your safe again.

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