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Nobody likes to be inconvenienced. Today, we expect things to go right. And thanks to many technological and innovative practices, a lot of the time, things do go right. Because things work out smoothly on a regular basis, however, it is easy to become complacent. You don’t expect anything to go wrong. When something does happen, it can cause an explosive level of frustration and panic. One inconvenient situation that may occur for vehicle owners is a key breaking inside of the car door lock. Because this situation usually occurs when you have someplace important to be, it can fill you with stress and anger. But don’t worry. There are several things you can do if your car key breaks in the lock. Check out our guide on how to remove a broken key from a car door lock! 

1. Contact a Professional

Okay, yes, we told you we would teach you how to remove a broken key from a car door lock on your own. We will. But if you can, it is often easier to contact a professional for assistance. You run the risk of making the problem worse when you attempt a DIY broken key extraction. If possible, we always suggest enlisting a car locksmith. Keep in mind that while it is possible to remove a broken key yourself, it is also time-consuming and complicated. If you have an urgent meeting or appointment, it will save time and effort if you contact a professional before wasting an hour attempting an extraction.

2. Get Yourself Some Pliers

Sometimes, it is possible to remove a key with pliers. This requires the key to be sticking out partway from your car door lock. Additionally, you’ll need to have the key aligned correctly for you to be able to pull it straight out. When you use pliers, never twist the key. Always pull forward rather than side-to-side, as this could cause your key to break again, making extraction more complicated.

A piece of a broken key removed by a homeowner who knew how to remove a broken key from a car door lock

3. Use Two Pieces of Thin Metal

You can use two pieces of thin metal to extract a broken key. Some items you could use are bobby pins, safety pins, paper clips, or pocket knives. Once you’ve selected your two items, insert them on either side of the key. Do not go further than you have to. Once you have a good grip and the metal is aligned on both flat sides of the key, stop inserting. Instead, start pulling. It might take you a few tries if you lose your grip. However, this method does have a high success rate. 

4. Try a Magnet

Do you have a powerful magnet lying around? Some people have heavy-duty magnets on hand, either for mounting guns on the wall or for working on cars. These magnets may sometimes be used to draw out your key if it is aligned correctly. While this method won’t always work, it is simple and easy, so you may as well give it a try. 

5. Get Some Sticky Putty 

If you have some strong sticky putty on hand, you could try using it for broken key extraction. Shove the putty into the slot where your key has broken. Let it sit for a little while. Once you feel like you have waited long enough, try pulling the sticky putty out. Sometimes, the broken part of your key will get pulled out with it. 

We Know How to Remove a Broken Key From a Car Door Lock! 

Have you tried the above methods to remove a broken key from a car door lock to no avail? Don’t give up hope. Our team at ASAP Locksmith is here for you. Our team is fast, reliable, and affordable, and we’ll get to you just moments after your call. When you need quality, we’re the right team to call. Contact us today for assistance with broken key extraction!