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Living in a house is not a problem; the problem is being able to secure it properly. Another thing is leaving the house and having peace of mind knowing fully well that your things are secured. From possessing luggage tracking devices to anti-pickpocket wallets and personal safety alerts, you could arm yourself against foreseeable risk while going on a trip. In order not to get yourself worked up, here are some security gadgets you need for your home.

1. Kevo Convert Smart Lock Kit

This is an easy-to-install kit which could be used to replace the existing door bolt, and gives you the ability to monitor your door regardless of location. Even when you give your lock compatible eKeys to your family and friends, you could use the accompanying app to either grant them access or deny them access. You will also be able to see whoever enters or leaves the house. Many occupants in New Orleans make use of the Kevo Convert Smart Lock Kit.

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2. Riley Wifi Home Monitoring Robot

With Riley Wifi Home monitoring robot, be rest assured that your home is safe when you are away. It works like a tiny security guard for your house. It is an intelligent robot roaming around using its durable tracks that can handle every surface of your house from your tiles to carpet and even grass. Riley is always connected to your home’s wifi network to transmit live HD video and audio connected directly to your smartphone.

3. Flir FX Outdoor Wireless HD Security Camera

This security camera offers you unparalleled image quality, which has a powerful camera connected to the cloud. It gives you on-the-go monitoring access from your smartphone and other devices. They have Rapid Recap Technology, which intelligently condenses the video clips which are taken from outside your house. It helps you to easily check up on all the actions without spending many hours watching the video clips.

4. Ring Video Doorbell

This security gadget works with both android and iOS devices. This doorbell connects to a wifi network and gives you a clear view of what is happening in your front door. It is equipped with a wide-angle lens, and the camera records in HD videos so you can clearly see everything happening in your front door.

5. Ring Stick up Cam Security Camera

This is designed to work hand in hand with the ring video doorbell. The camera uses infrared motion sensors to detect movements around your house. It instantly gives you a notification on your smartphone whenever there is a suspicious movement detected. You can then communicate with whoever is on your property through a microphone or speakerphone. There is also a night vision capability to ensure that you are able to monitor your environment even in the dark.

6. Presence by Netatmo

This is an outdoor security camera that does more than usual surveillance duties. It has the ability to detect people, animals, and cars and reports to you as soon as someone is found loitering in your compound. Once a stray pet encroaches your space, or a vehicle enters your garage, the camera alerts you instantly and even allows you to control your outdoor lights remotely.

7. Welcome Home Security Camera

This is a smart revolutionary camera that is designed to be situated at the front door of your house. It has face recognition technology which does not only provide you remote security monitoring but alerts you whenever your kids or parents pass in front of the camera. With it, you can also create a profile for each member of your family and use it to monitor who is at home and who isn’t.

Apart from securing the entire house, you can also provide a separate security system for your front door because it is the entrance of the house, and the first place a criminal will walk in to gain access. Here are some security gadgets for your front door.

8. Buddybar Door Jammer

The Buddybar Door Jammer is designed for homes, dorms and traveling to help protect your valuables. It’s made only of plastic without any plastic or rubber materials to be sturdy and withstand over 2,500 pounds of force – the weight of a bison. The 8.2 steel door security bar is positioned securely on the floor about 8 inches from the door, then placed on the doorknob for easy installation.

9. Nightlock Security Door Lock Barricade

This door lock is very simple to install. You simply have to screw the door lock half-inch away from the door on the floor, and it uses a thick aluminum base plate to keep the door lock in place. It can even be installed on your carpet if the surface is screwable.

Protecting your home is very important and should not be taken for granted. It is one thing to have a property and another to prevent encroachers from invading. The right security gadgets are what you need to have, and you will be assured of top-notch security in your house.