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Most times, some of us get careless that we forget to lock our windows at night. It is true that the night is hot sometimes, especially during summer and it can make you forget to lock your windows. The truth is that it is very risky, and your house can get burgled. 

Make sure the windows and Doors are Fitted with Locks

You should make sure that the doors and windows in your home are fitted with locks. This prevents them from opening beyond a distance of one inch or two. It is very popular for burglars to be able to gain entrance through a door without locks. 

Keep Your Valuables Away 

Make sure you hide your valuable properties so that even if a burglar gains entrance, they won’t be able to cart away with your properties. Hide them in a safe if possible, because you are the only one who is able to open it. 

Let There Be Light 

Make sure the outside of your home is always lit because it will surely discourage burglars from making an attempt. Put these lights at your entrance, and turn some lights on and off through your phone. If it’s the inside light, you should put the light near your windows, but it has to be near your curtain so it won’t be easily seen by the intruders. You can make the outdoor security light more effective by using motion-activated lights, saving energy with solar-powered lights, and putting the outdoor lights on a timer.

Add Security Cameras 

You have probably seen on TV, burglars being caught on security cameras. This particular security system serves as both a means for security and a means to get justice. When choosing security cameras for your home, make sure it’s a security camera with a mobile app, so you will be able to store any footage early enough to get to the police. Other features of security cameras include Motion detection, night vision, Wi-Fi capability, two-way talk, local or cloud storage, weatherproof casing for outdoor cameras. 

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Secure the Garage 

This entry point to your home is becoming more popular with criminals. And even if they can’t access your house, chances are you have plenty of good things stored in the garage. Make it a habit to lock all doors to the garage—both interior and exterior. You may also consider keeping your garage door opener in the house. That way, a burglar can’t grab it out of your car. And if you use a security code to open the garage, make sure you keep it secret and never enter it in front of delivery people, neighbors, or anyone else.

Here are some more easy ways to secure the garage.

  • Upgrade to a smart garage door opener.
  • Cover windows to hide the goodies inside.
  • Secure garage doors with extra locks (or even zip ties!). If your window must be open at night, then make sure your garage and every other part of your house are safe.

Protecting yourself should be the utmost priority for you, and no matter what happens, you should try to remain safe.