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The winter ushers you to fresh spring and summer breeze to the extent that you might be tempted to leave your windows open at night. Well, you don’t need to worry because once you have a security system at home, it is very much possible to keep your house secured and still have your fair share of fresh air.

There are ways you can feel safe and still keep your home protected even when you are sleeping and your windows are open. Some of these ways include 

  • Bypass your Window Sensors 

Before you disable a window alarm sensor, you have to first of all bypass a door and window sensor and it allows you to keep the rest of the sensors armed. It can be done using a front point app, whether the sensor is armed or disarmed. If it’s armed, you have to open the front point app and select the menu option security system. Then select bypass sensors, after that you enter your master code, finally, you scroll to the desired door and window sensor and press ok.

If it’s disarmed, open the desired door and window sensor, arm your system, as usual, open the front point app and select menu option in the security system. Select bypass sensors and then all sensors will be armed except the one reporting open.

  • Reinforce Your Window Glass to Secure and Burglar-Proof your Windows from Invaders

Your ground-floor window can be secured by reinforcing the glass. It is very important because invaders won’t be able to break the window to gain access to your house. Some of the simple ways to reinforce your window glass and make them hardened include; cover the window with a protective film, use window security screen and install smash-proof glass windows.

  • Install Burglar Bars 

Gaining access through the window can be very easy but burglar bars are an effective method of denying burglars entrance even when you are sleeping. The bars are normally fitted on the outside of the window frame. They cannot be referred to as beautiful and aesthetic but that’s not a major concern. Its main job is to keep intruders away.

  • Install Security Grille 

Before you safely leave your windows open at night it is important that you fit a security grille on the inside. A grille can also be used during the day as long as the house is occupied. Although, if you go out, the grilled window should be closed and locked properly.

  • Install Motion Sensors for First Floor Window Security 

Sometimes it can be a burden to bypass the sensor of every door and windows. So, there are ways you can use the security system with your window open. These motion sensors have the ability to keep your home secured without requiring plenty of individual sensors. A single Frontpoint motion sensor can cover a 44-foot area which means you can set up the detector to alert you whenever an intruder enters the first floor whether you are sleeping upstairs or you are away from your home. Your home will still be monitored and you won’t have to deal with getting every door and window armed.

  • Equipment-Free Tips for Securing Open Windows at Night 

If your house has different floors, try to only open the second-floor window or those windows that are not easily accessible. Also, take note of things that can be used to climb to a second-floor windows like drain pipes.

With these security tips, you shouldn’t be scared of leaving your window open on a hot night. At the very least, you can sleep peacefully without the fear of a criminal breaking in. You can have your house secured and still have your sound sleep.