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If you have ever encountered being locked out of your car or your house, you should know the frustration that comes with it. Sometimes, fraudulent locksmiths scam us because of greed. For instance, if you discuss the price on the phone for a job, they tend to increase the initial estimate once they come and see the kind of job it is. The good thing about this piece is that we have succeeded in discovering the top locksmith scams and we have come up with tips to help you avoid them. These tips on how to avoid locksmith scams include;

Make Sure They are Legitimate 

Before calling a locksmith, investigate and make sure they are legitimate. Find out where their office is located, ask questions. Very dubious and fake locksmith do not often make their address known because they are scared to face upset customers. So, before you make that call, always look out for the address and make sure they exist.

Check Their Reviews 

Check for either an appraisal from other customers or a negative comment. If a locksmith has lots of one-star ratings, then that business should not be considered because it shows the quality of work or professionalism offered.

Ask Upfront About Any Extra Locksmith Charges

A lot of scams will involve promising you a low price, only to suddenly tack on other charges after the services are rendered, forcing you to pay more. Ask on the phone if there will be other charges not stated.

Make Sure Estimates Match 

When you call a locksmith, ask for an estimate of the job. Then if the work is finished compare the estimate with the actual cost to see if they match. If there is a huge difference between the two, be sure to know why.

Don’t Believe Outlandish Claims 

Anytime a locksmith tells you that you need to break the whole of your door or shatter the whole window to get the lock undone, and then end up saying that a more expensive option is better, don’t buy that idea, they are part of the tricks used by locksmiths.

Locksmiths who show up in unmarked cars

If the locksmith comes in an unmarked car, it is a major sign that you could be dealing with a dubious locksmith. A number of shady locksmith companies use contractors who are usually poorly trained, unequipped, and uninsured. An inexperienced technician can cause serious damage to your locks, doors, and windows. A local locksmith company in New Orleans that provides its technicians with tools, uniforms, and marked cars is a much safer bet, not only because you’re likely to get better service, but also because you can hold them accountable if anything goes wrong.

Get Everything in Writing from your Locksmith 

Before you start any work, put down the price on a piece of paper so that you won’t be surprised at the end. Some locksmiths tell you a price at the beginning and end up altering it after the work is done, try to avoid it by penning down the price.

Conspicuously low quotes over the phone or in an ad

A locksmith company that is dishonest offers you what might seem like a great quote so that you agree to the service. When the locksmith comes out, the initial quote turns out to cover the service call only. The actual labor will end up adding on another $100-$200 or more if the locksmith charges you on unnecessary services. If you sense any evasiveness when you ask about pricing on the phone, trust your instincts and try another locksmith in New Orleans that offers firm quotes. Written quotes are even better.

Don’t Pay Until You’re Happy with the Job 

Before you pay the locksmith, make sure you have checked the work and satisfied with what the locksmith did. If possible, try it first before finally giving the locksmith his money.

Make Sure the Work is Legit

Make sure that the door is working after the locksmith is done with fixing the locks. If they prove difficult to unlock, then be convinced that the door is not okay. It has to be able to open and close without difficulty.

Use a Credit Card to Pay, If Possible 

For record purposes, always pay with your credit cards. These fake locksmiths have a way of insisting you give them cash so that they can deny receiving any payment from you. It is advisable to pay with your credit card in case the locksmith denies, you can always refer to that.

If You Do Get Burned, Don’t Stay Silent 

If by mistake, you fall the victim to a scam, don’t stay silent. Contact agencies to help you locate them. You can even file reports at the police station so that they can be apprehended.

There are scams everywhere and if you are not careful, you might become a victim. Always make sure you look out for scam signals and be cautious.